Yunnan Sourcing 2021 Cui Ming Yunnan Green Tea Review

Today’s review is for a 2021 early spring Cui Ming premium green tea from Yunnan Sourcing.

Cui Ming apparently means “Emerald Bright” and refers to the color of the leaves and buds.

Supposedly this is an early harvest green tea which is processed entirely by hand, consisting of what appears to be either a one or two leaf to one bud picking ratio.

Visually, it looks quite appealing.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing
Harvest: Late-February to Early March, 2021
Location: Ning’Er County of Simao (Pu’er), Yunnan, China


I decided to brew this in my gaiwan using 4 grams of tea.

I gave the tea a quick 10 second rinse with mildly hot water and discarded it.

First Steep

30 second steep time.

Mild green tea flavor.

I don’t think the leaves have opened up quite yet.

Second Steep

I went ahead and brewed it for a minute this time.

Some floral aromatics are coming out now with a certain grassy sweetness, common to most early harvest green teas.

The taste is also a bit nuttier then the first steep.

Flavor notes: Chestnuts, grass, cucumber, hay, and wildflowers.

The mouthfeel is decent, and seems to coat the mouth, with a mild lingering sweetness.

Third Steep

I let the tea brew for a couple minutes this time because I wanted to see if I could get some more complex flavors to release.

The astringency is now present, which makes sense due to the long steep time.

Other then the astringency, the flavor profile hasn’t changed much, but it does taste a bit crisper now, with mineral notes.

Since it’s a softer green tea, it’s a forgiving one as well.

You could over-brew this and it would probably still taste good.


This is a definitely a quality product, but in my opinion, it’s not the most complex tasting tea out there. It seems to brew a little light, and I honestly didn’t find the flavor as exciting as some of their other recent green teas, for example, Yunnan Sourcing’s recent 2021 Mao Feng harvest.

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