Huoshan Huangya Yellow Tea

Huoshan Huangya tea (霍山黄芽, Huò Shān Huáng Yá) is a yellow tea which originates from the Houshan County of Anhui Province, China.

According to The Classic of Tea, this tea has been around since the Tang Dynasty.

During the Ming Dynasty this tea was harvested in early April and then given as an imperial tribute.

That being case, it is usually harvested according to a one bud to one leaf, or one bud to two leaf picking ratio.

The leaves of Houshan Huangya yellow tea have a shiny appearance and often look similar to Huang Shan Mao Feng green tea.

Alternate Names

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Aroma & Flavor Profile

The flavor of Houshan Huangya tea is typically sweet, with notes of roasted nuts, herbs and honey.

As with most bud-heavy teas, it has a good texture and a light color.

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