Discovering Mao Feng Green Tea

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Today’s article will discuss Mao Feng green tea.

What is Mao Feng Tea?

Mao Feng is one of the many famous teas of China.

It originates from the Huangshan (yellow mountain) region of Anhui, China, although it is now grown in other regions throughout China as well.

It’s most commonly processed into green tea, although it is also sometimes used to produce black tea – for example, Keemun Mao Feng.

The Meaning of Mao Feng

When translated into English, Mao Feng means “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak” and describes the visual appearance of the processed tea. The tea contains unopened tea buds which are typically covered in white hair, or ‘fur’, which is said to resemble a frosty mountain peak.

During harvest season, Chinese tea farmers often say that Mao Feng tea leaves resemble orchid buds.

Alternate Names

  • Yellow Mountain Fur Peak Tea

Aroma & Flavor Profile


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