The Qing Xin Tea Cultivar

Qing Xin (青心) is a tea cultivar most commonly processed into oolong tea.

It is grown primarily in Taiwan, although it is sometimes grown in Thailand, Vietnam, and China as well.

This cultivar is believed to have originated from Anxi, Fujian, China and then brought to Taiwan by tea farmers.

The Qing Xin tea cultivar is used to produce some of the most well-known Taiwanese oolong teas such as Dong Ding, Oriental Beauty, Pouchong, and Qing Xin.

Some people may state that Qing Xin and Ai Jiao are the same tea cultivar, but that isn’t the case, as they are simply closely related species.

Flavor of Qing Xin Oolong Tea

Qing Xin oolong tea typically has a slight orchid aroma and flavor.

Main photo is taken from Wikipedia.

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Travis Joynson

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