Ito En Sencha Shot Review

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Today I am reviewing Ito En Sencha Shot.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Ito En
Tea: Sencha Shot
Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Purified water, green tea, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


A somewhat typical grassy green tea flavor is dominant.

Aftertaste has a roasted counterbalance, with a little bit of ocean breeze and seaweed on the end of the palette.

Some people may consider the flavor a tad bit fishy, but it seems to only be on the end of the aftertaste.

I would prefer a little bit of honey in this tea, especially since it is drank cold, but it is relatively smooth nonetheless.

Flavor notes: Grass, umami, slightly sweet, roasted grain, ocean breeze or seaweed (some people may consider it to be fishy).

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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