Are Teacups Microwave Safe?

The quick answer is that some teacups are safe to microwave and some aren’t.

This article is comprised of lists and explanations regarding which types of teacups are safe to microwave.

Teacups Which are Generally Safe to Microwave

These types of teacups are generally safe to microwave.


Glass teacups are generally safe to microwave as long as they are properly made and are in good condition. If the glass is particularly thin or fragile then it would be more prone to problems.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic which has a long history of use throughout the world. Most normal porcelain teacups are safe to microwave, but there are some cases where they may not be, such as when certain dyes or glazes are used.

Bone China

Bone china are made from bone ash mixed with clay powder. It is one of the most durable types of teacups you can purchase. These are generally safe to microwave.


Stoneware is made from a high-temperature clay and is extremely durable. Stoneware teacups are generally safe to microwave.

Types of Teacups You Should Never Microwave

You should avoid microwaving these types of teacups.

Melamine Teacups

Melamine is a type of hard plastic. It’s commonly used in dinnerware and there are many beautiful teacups which are made from melamine material. The issue is that heating melamine teacups in a microwave can potentially cause the release of toxic components.

Metal Teacups

If your teacup is made from metal or has metal adornments, then you should not microwave it. The metal can cause the microwave to overheat and is a potential fire risk.

Lead Paint

Some older ceramic teacups, typically Western-styled ones, were sometimes painted with lead paint. These kinds of teacups should not be microwaved and should probably be avoided altogether, although they are often rather pretty.

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