Tao of Tea Snow Dragon Green Tea Review

Today I am reviewing a ‘Snow Dragon’ green tea from a company called ‘Tao of Tea’.

Snow Dragon is a green tea which is twisted with green tea buds in a one leaf to one bud ratio.

The silvery buds, along with the curve of the leaf is traditionally considered to look like a dragon, hence the name ‘Snow Dragon’.

Tea Specifications

Harvest: Spring, 2020
Location: Yunnan, China


I decided to brew this tea gong-fu style using 4 grams of tea.

First, I gave the tea a 5 second rinse under hot water, to wash away any potential impurities.

First Steep

I brewed the tea for about 30 seconds.

The tea brews into a light yellow-green soup.

Flavor notes of tea, vegetation, mountain water, nuts, and a light sense of flowers.

It’s a very smooth tasting green tea, with very minimal bitterness or astringency.

It’s not nearly as grassy as some other types of green tea, perhaps because it is roasted over a low temperature.

A nice, thick mouth-feel due to the bud content.

Second Steep

For the second steep, I brewed the tea for about 40 seconds.

The second steep produced a much darker soup.

The taste is a little more astringent, but still very smooth.

Very balanced tasting, with a strong nutty and wispy bud taste.

It’s also a bit more fruity, with notes of orange and black currants.

Reasonably dense in mouth-feel for a green tea.

Third Steep

For the third steep, I steeped it for about a minute.

It brewed to a similar color as the first steep.

Taste is a little lighter.

I’m not sure why, but the taste on the third steep almost reminds me of a green tea version of a darjeeling tea.


This was a really enjoyable bud-heavy green tea.

A smooth drink, with notes of tea, nuts, fruits, and flowers.

It’s hard to go wrong here, but it’s not the cheapest green tea either.

If you looked hard enough, I bet you could find a better deal for a better tea, but that being said, there is nothing at all wrong with this tea.

It is good quality and I am sure it would satisfy the tastes of even a refined tea drinker.

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