Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea Review

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It was around 40,000 years ago when humans began living in the regions of the world known as New Guinea and Australia. It was soon after that these same humans progressed to the Southern Pacific Islands. Most historians agree in unison that kava, which is made from the Piper Methysticum plant, was first cultivated on the Vanuatu islands roughly 3,000 years ago, although some argue that it’s use may have begun in Fiji or New Guinea instead. Regardless, it’s popularity soon grew exponentially, due to it’s distinct ability to calm and relax the drinker. Today you can now find it on your grocery store shelf, which is what leads me to this review.

Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea

Yogi kava stress relief tea is one of the most widely distributed kava teas on the global market. It’s found everywhere from grocery stores, to health food stores, to ethnic markets, on an international scale. However, many of these store bought kava teas don’t have the same effect as many of the more authentic kava preparations.

So, here is my review on Yogi kava stress relief tea.

The Yogi brand kava stress relief tea comes in a beautiful cardboard box with a plastic coating. The box has a cup of tea on it, with various herbs and spices surrounding it. It’s noted as organic and GMO-free which is a big plus to many health-conscious individuals. The tea is comprised of kava root extract (78mg per teabag), and also contains an herbal mixture of carob, sarsaparilla bark, ginger root, stevia, and cardamom. They also add organic toasted brown rice, licorice flavoring, hazelnut flavoring, and cinnamon bark flavoring, which results in an excellent taste.

These flavors mesh together really well and produce a slightly sweet earthy tea which seems to effectively mask the bitter flavor of kava. Sometimes people who are new to drinking kava can find the flavor a little off-putting, so the addition of the herbs and flavorings really help to level out the taste of this product. I would honestly drink this simply because I like the taste, but then again, I’m an avid tea drinker, so it’s the sort of thing I generally like.

Unfortunately, although I really do like the tea, the effects of the kava in this tea are not very pronounced. Although you can definitely feel it a little bit, it pales in comparison to a true kava preparation.

I tried to obtain more information on the kava in this product, but I wasn’t able to. No information on whether it is noble or tudei kava, nor what country it is harvested from, or where the extract is made, however, Yogi generally has has very high quality products. The kava strength just seems a bit weak. I assume there isn’t a whole bunch of it contained within the product. The truth is, most people probably aren’t looking for a true kava effect when drinking this tea, so I imagine Yogi is probably providing what the market wants.

I may purchase this product again, simply because I like it, but if I were looking to a true kava effect, I would probably purchase a brand such as Dua Na Bilo or Wakacon Fijian Kava.

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