Tetley Green Tea Review

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Tetley is located in none other then Yorkshire, England. The business was first founded in 1837 and is now the largest tea manufacturer in both the UK (United Kingdom) and Canada. It is also the second largest tea producer in the United States of America (USA). They produce many different brands and varieties of tea.

One of their most popular products is undoubtedly their green tea, which is the product I am reviewing today.

Tetley Natural Green Tea

Tetley’s Natural Green Tea is the company’s flagship green tea. It’s a blended green tea, which ensures a reliably smooth flavor.

Tetley’s natural green tea can be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Key Features:

  • They have an organic option.
  • Minimal bitter taste due to being a blended tea.
  • Ideal for both hot and cold tea.

Tetley Green Tea, Decaffeinated

Tetley’s iconic green tea also comes in decaffeinated.

Decaffeinated tea contains very little caffeine, but it may also contain less beneficial compounds as well. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Key Features:

  • Caffeine-free
  • Quality, blended green tea, with minimal bitter or astringent qualities.
  • A natural and mellow taste which goes well with Nature Nate raw honey.

Tetley Black & Green Tea

Tetley Back & Green Tea combines the smooth flavor of green tea with the bitter aromatics or black tea.

The result is a stimulating tea with a bold taste.

With its Black & Green tea, Tetley offers its customers the finest buds and tea leaves with a mellow, smooth flavor along with a natural aroma, which alone is enough to keep you fresh throughout the day. When it comes to making the perfect green tea, Tetley makes sure that all tea buds and leaves are hand-picked to guarantee only the finest tea leaves are harvested.

Key Features:

  • A balanced tea with a bold, smooth flavor.
  • Made from quality, hand-picked tea leaves and buds
  • Contains slightly higher caffeine then green tea variants.

Tetley Green Tea with Honey

Tetley Green Tea with Honey is a somewhat unique product. It uses both natural and artificial flavors to create an authentic tasting honey green tea, without the need for honey. Of course, I always prefer real, natural honey myself, but in a jam or a busy morning, this tea tastes good enough.

Key Features:

  • Flavored to taste like honey.
  • Enjoy a honey green tea without the honey.
  • Gluten-Free


Tetley may not be the Rolls-Royce of tea, but it’s a reasonable everyday tea which is sold for a reasonable price.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

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