VerMints Organic Chai Pastilles Review

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Although I review mostly tea, I also sometimes review other tea-related products.

Today I am reviewing VerMints Organic Chai Pastilles.


The packaging is in line with what people expect from a candy such as this in the Western market.

I appreciate that the candy is made from organic ingredients, which is not very common in the Western candy market.

According to the packaging, the candy is made in Canada and certified organic by QAI.

Ingredient list: Organic crystallized cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, organic chai flavoring, organic maple syrup, agar, and gum tragacanth.

Back Side of the Packaging


These candies are hard pastilles, which are similar in texture to Altoids.

They taste sort of like spiced sugar candy.

The sugar is the most dominant flavor, and it is definitely a sweet candy.

The chai spice notes are noticeable, but not incredibly strong.

They are delicious, but you can sort of tell they were made for the Western market, as I would prefer the spice flavor to be stronger.

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