The Legend of Bai Mu Dan Tea

Bai Mu Dan is a style of white tea, and like many other Chinese teas, it has a story to tell.

Once, a young officer in the army who had grown weary of government corruption decided to depart with his mother. While on their journey, he encountered a captivating scent in the air and inquired about its source from a local elderly man. The old man informed him of a small lake not too far away, boasting 18 magnificent peony flowers at its center.

Determined to find a place to settle, the man and his mother journeyed to the lake and were captivated by its enchanting beauty. Unfortunately, the mother fell ill, and the man scoured the area for medicinal plants to no avail. Feeling disheartened, he fell asleep, only to be visited by an old man in his dream. The old man instructed him to prepare a broth from a carp and a specific herb found in the nearby area and serve it to his mother.

To his surprise, he discovered that his mother had the same dream, and so he set out to catch a carp and search for the mysterious herb. As he went about his task, thunder suddenly struck, and the 18 peony flowers in the lake transformed into tea plants with a delicate, downy surface.

The man collected the leaves, cooked the carp, and served the soup to his mother who was said to feel much better soon afterwards. Moved by the extraordinary power of the tea, the mother requested her son to care for the special plants.

The legend states that she became a supreme being of sorts, and ultimately flew away from the Earth, becoming the revered tea patroness of the local region.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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