The Legend of Taiping Houkui Tea

There are many legends related to Tai Ping Houkui tea, two of which are told below.

The First Legend

This legend begins with a group of friendly birds transported the initial tea seeds to Tai Ping County and dispersed them on the hills and rocks, where they eventually germinated.

As the tea bushes grew, the locals discovered that it was perilous to collect them.

To solve the issue, they devised a plan to attach fabric sacks to the necks of nearby monkeys and sent them up the cliffs to pluck the tea leaves.

However, despite the intriguing nature of this tale, it should be noted that this tea is not actually picked by monkeys, as this is simply a story.

The Second Legend

This second legend begins with a mother monkey who had passed away due to her sorrow of losing her child.

A nearby farmer compassionately buried the monkey on his property.

Afterwards, the farmer had a dream in which the monkey led him to a secluded area in the forest where a tea garden was located.

When the farmer woke up, he followed the path from his dream and indeed found a secret garden filled with tea bushes.

He then picked the leaves from those bushes to create this tea.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

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