Teami Refresh Blend Tea Review

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Today I am reviewing Refresh Tea Blend from Teami.

Teami is a relatively new company who specializes in unique tea blends.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Teami
Tea: Refresh Blend


Amount of Tea: 5 Grams
Brewing Vessel: Small Glass Pitcher
Type of Water: Distilled Water
Rinse Time: N/A
Steep Time: A few minutes

First Steep

It’s quite delicious.

I originally thought that it might have a stronger peppermint taste, but it was actually well-balanced with the rose, strawberry and mango flavors.

There is indeed a slight cooling effect from the peppermint, but the rose flavor is actually probably most noticeable. Fruit notes become more dominant later on.

Flavor notes: Rose, peppermint, strawberry, and mango.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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