Teami Refresh Blend Tea Review

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Today I am reviewing Refresh Tea Blend from Teami.

Teami is a relatively new company who specializes in unique tea blends.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Teami
Tea: Refresh Blend


I brewed this in a small glass pitcher using distilled water.

Normally I would record the brew-time and so forth, but since this is an herbal tea, I simply let it steep for a few minutes before drinking it, without using any complicated methods.

First Steep

It’s quite delicious.

I originally thought that it might have a stronger peppermint taste, but it was actually well-balanced with the rose, strawberry and mango flavors.

There is indeed a slight cooling effect from the peppermint, but the rose flavor is actually probably most noticeable.

Flavor notes: Rose, peppermint, strawberry, and mango.

Second Steep

The pink color on the roses seems to have disbursed throughout the tea, as they now appear much less vibrant, while the tea broth has become darker then the first steep.

The peppermint taste is less pronounced on the second steep, while the fruit flavors are more noticeable.

Third Steep

I believe that the dried fruit pieces have fully hydrated, as a fruity tang has developed on the palette.

The flavor has also become sweeter, despite the other flavor notes dialing back a bit.


A refreshing, very delicious tea.

I would consider this a high-quality herbal tea blend, but if I had to knit-pick, perhaps the price is a little higher then I would prefer.

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