Tao of Tea Tea Forest Organic Green Tea Review

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Today I am reviewing Tea Forest Green Tea by Tao of Tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Tao of Tea
Tea: Tea Forest Green
Location: Jingmai, China

Tao of Tea Tea Forest Green Tea


Brewed roughly 4 grams of tea with bottled water in a small glass pitcher.

Rinsed for 5 seconds.

First Steep

Steeped for 30 seconds.

Mild. Not Bitter.

Not one of those juicy early spring teas, but a bit more earthy.

Little bit of a spice on the end of the palette.

Not incredibly floral.

Produces a darker colored tea broth then most other green teas.

Flavor notes: Chinese herbs, malt, grass, sweet, and earth.

Second Steep

Steeped for 1 minute.

Notes of grass have appeared.

The most interesting apart about this tea is probably the lingering Chinese herb flavor.

The tea dries the mouth a bit.


It’s ok. Perhaps a bit unique. It’s different from what one might expect from a green tea.

I could see some people really enjoying the herbal nature of this tea, but I prefer my green teas to be a little juicier in flavor.

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