Harney & Sons Tower of London Blend Tea Review

Today I am reviewing Harney & Sons Tower of London Blend Tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Harney & Sons
Tea: Tower of London Blend
Vintage: 2022


Fruity. Sort of like a tangy blackberry jam. Sweet, presumably from the honey flavor. I wouldn’t recommend adding a sweetener to this tea. Floral. Pollen. Overall, there’s a lot going on here, but it’s pretty well-balanced. It does have some sort of perfume-like like aroma. Perhaps a bit even like cotton candy, but those aroma notes don’t seem to extend much to the flavor profile.

This is a very approachable tea. One that you could serve to just about anybody and they would likely enjoy it. However, it can get a bit astringent if steeped to long.

It’s pretty pricey for a bagged black tea. It’s definitely delicious, but so are many other teas available at similar price-points. Still, I do feel that this is a tea which I do not regret trying, as it does have an interesting flavor.

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