Farmer Leaf Huey Wa Big Trees Tea Review

Today I am reviewing Huey Wa Big Trees tea from Farmer Leaf.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Farmer Leaf
Vintage: Spring, 2021
Origin: Huey Wa, China


I decided to brew this tea using normal bottled water in a small Yixing teapot.

First Steep

Steeped for 20 seconds.

Full of flavor, while remaining soft and delicate.

Great mouthfeel, with a long-lasting sweetness.

Pretty smooth, it goes down easy, but bitterness is a dominant flavor, as the tea is still a bit brash.

Flavor notes: Bitter, pine nut, meadow flowers, lemongrass, thyme, cream, and sugarcane.

Second Steep

Steeped for 25 seconds.

Some light fruit notes, perhaps maybe a bit like guava.

Definitely something a little tropical and tangy.

Third Steep

Steeped for 30 seconds.

Pretty consistent flavor, with developing mineral notes.

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