White2Tea Demon Slayer Puer Tea Review

Today I am reviewing a Demon Slayer puer tea from White2Tea.

This tea comes in nifty little ‘coins’ and the packaging is pretty awesome, although perhaps a bit ‘Western’ looking.

Tea Specifications

Brand: White2Tea
Tea: Demon Slayer
Vintage: Spring, 2018
Origin: Jinggu, China

white2tea demon slayer puer tea
White2Tea Demon Slayer Puer Tea


I decided to brew this tea in a small 140ml clay teapot using bottled water.

I rinsed the tea twice, each time for 20 seconds because this is a huangpian tea.

First Steep

Steeped for 30 seconds.

The tea is a little light at the moment.

Some light flavor notes of grass, and perhaps a little ‘funk’.

So far, a mild flavor, and very smooth, with minimal bitterness.

Second Steep

Steeped for 40 seconds.

This steep has is much more bitter and stringent, but that is probably due to the steep time.

Flavor notes: Apricot, grass, jasmine, coriander seed and sugar cane.

Third Steep

Steeped for 40 seconds.

The tea is now relatively bitter, with a bit of a tang.

Flavor profile is about the same as the second steep.


It’s tasty for what it is, but I think I prefer Yunnan Sourcing Spring Morning puer tea, which is very comparable in that they are both huangpian teas and are of a comparable cost.

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