White2Tea 2020 Fox Down Black Tea Review

Today I am reviewing a 2020 Fox Down black tea from White2Tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: White2Tea
Vintage: 2020
Origin: Yunnan, China

White2Tea states:

Our new Fox Down is a Yunnan shai hong, sun dried black tea made from a bud heavy picking.

White2Tea 2020 Fox Down Black Tea
White2Tea 2020 Fox Down Black Tea


The tea coin itself is rather pretty and you can tell that they used reasonable quality material due to the obvious golden tea buds pressed into the coin.

I decided to brew the entire tea coin, which is approximately 7 grams, in a small ceramic teapot with normal bottled water, which is technically reverse-osmosis filtered.

First Steep

Steeped for 30 seconds.

A mineral, watery malty-sweet black tea flavor.

The tea coin is rather compressed and the leaves have not unfurled yet.

Second Steep

Steeped for 45 seconds.

This steep has much more body and texture.

It tastes of roasted malt, light cream, dark wood, brown sugar, and a dates.

Sweet, yet not overly complex.

Flavor notes: Malt, cream, dark wood, brown sugar, and dates.

I am enjoying this tea with a few Royal Dansk butter cookies and they pair nicely together, as the tea cuts through the sweet and buttery flavor of the cookies.

Third Steep

Steeped for 1 minute.

It’s a bit more creamy here, as the tannins have dropped off a bit.

Nice flavor, but I wouldn’t consider it to be very unique.

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