Verdant Tea Bai Mu Dan Wuyi Oolong Tea Review

I received this 2020 Bai Mu Dan Wuyi oolong tea from a company called Verdant Tea.

This is a Da Bai varietal which was picked in typical Bai Mu Dan style, incorporating smaller tea buds into the tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Verdant Tea
Harvest: Spring, 2020
Location: Wuyishan Ecological Preserve, Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Elevation: 600 Meters
Tea Varietal: Da Bai


I wanted to review this tea by using my gaiwan, but unfortunately, I broke the lid.

So, now I am using a hei cha as my brewing vessel, and then pouring it through a stainless steel filter into my gaiwan cup.

First Steep

The directions say to steep this for 5 seconds and add a few seconds each time.

However, I steeped it for 10 seconds.

Very flavorful for such a quick steep, and the brew has a pretty dark color.

Notes of toasted rice, cocoa, with light floral bouquet.

A full-flavored minerality, a slight hint of astringency, with minimal bitterness.

Mouth-feel is significant for such a low brew time.

A lingering taste on the palette.

Second Steep

Brewed for 15 seconds

A little more astringent, with similar flavor notes.

Third Steep

Brewed for 20 seconds.

The brew is still looking dark.

The flavor has mellowed out a little bit on the third steep.

Less astringency, no bitterness at all.

The tea still has a reasonable mouth-feel.

Even on the third steep, it has a taste which clings to the mouth.


I love this tea and I find it very enjoyable.

It’s brews a strong cup of tea with minimal steep time and has a refined taste.

In my opinion, this Bai Mu Dan Wuyi oolong tea highlights a lot of the qualities which are attractive in an oolong tea.

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