PRI Manuka Honey Nuggets Review

Today I am reviewing PRI Manuka Honey Nuggets.

I was originally thinking these candies might be a bit ‘juicy’ with honey, like some of the older-style hard candies I have tried, but these were a rather hard and solid candy.

It seems they pull the buyer in with some fancy packaging and claims about how genuine their honey is, but when you open the candy, the honey flavor is rather mild, and the flavor is primarily sugar.

They claim “Made with Organic Brown Rice Syrup” on the front, but when you read the ingredients, the main ingredient is cane sugar. In my opinion they dilute it because they don’t add enough honey in the first place.

They are still decent tasting candies, but in my opinion, they should add more honey to them, because I don’t think there’s that much in there.

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