New Book Release: Tea Under the Palms by Lady Patricia Farmer

As a historian, best-selling writer, entrepreneur, and ex-model, Farmer has been captivated throughout her life by the allure, enchantment, and storied past of New York City’s iconic Plaza Hotel, as well as her enduring passion for tea.

Lady Patricia Farmer’s most recent publication, Tea Beneath the Palms: Tracing Tea’s Journey and the Craft of a Refined Tea Gathering, was launched this month by Beaufort Books.

Introduced to the tradition of afternoon tea by her mother at the age of seven, Farmer experienced this custom at The Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court in New York – a renowned and sophisticated location known for its upscale breakfasts, afternoon teas, and evening libations.

“I wrote this book to extol the pleasures of my own habit of afternoon tea in the hope of drawing others into it,” said Farmer.

In her work, Farmer delves into the rich history of tea, tracing its roots to China, discussing the diverse types and their subtleties, as well as the art of tea preparation.

Additionally, she explores perfect food pairings for a refined tea service, the customs and practices associated with tea, proper tea etiquette, a selection of the world’s most distinguished tea rooms, and recipes for delightful sweet and savory treats to complement an impeccable tea experience.

“Tea, and afternoon tea in particular, is a small pleasure but an unparalleled one,” shared Farmer. “Wars have been waged, royal marriages arranged, companies formed, and world problems solved over a perfect cup of tea. It’s neither inebriating, expensive, nor fattening, and yet there’s nothing quite so effective for regaining one’s equilibrium and perspective – or simply relaxing.”

This latest publication includes insights from numerous specialists, a wealth of amusing trivia and engaging stories, alongside stunning visuals and photography.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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