My Tea Bag Broke – Is it Still OK to Drink?

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We know you love a good cup of tea. And chances are, if you’re reading this article, you appreciate the convenience of tea bags. Although they are easy to use, they are also known to be fragile.

You might find your tea bag breaking when you’re simply trying to savor a peaceful morning cup of tea.

Let’s be clear.

If your tea bag breaks open, it is perfectly fine to keep brewing it. It’s not technically a problem if there are broken leaf bits at the bottom of your cup, but many people prefer a clear cup of tea, without any broken particles in it. If that’s your preference, then you can always opt to strain out the excess leaf material with a strainer.

Is Tea from Broken Tea Bags Safe?

Yes, the tea inside of broken tea bags are safe to brew tea with.

You can remove them and choose to brew your tea however you would like.

How to Save and Use Leaves from a Broken Tea Bag

Just because your tea bag breaks, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw the tea away.

Simply remove the tea and brew it via an alternative method, such as the ones described below!

Use a Tea Ball or Tea Infuser

One straightforward solution is to transfer the tea from a broken bag to a tea ball or tea infuser.

A mesh tea ball, for example, allows water to flow through while keeping the tea particles contained.

We recommend the Vahdam Classic tea infuser.

Use a Coffee Filter

In the absence of a tea ball, a coffee filter could serve as a handy substitute.

It might not be the optimal way to brew tea, but it will do the job in a pinch.

We recommend Melitta Unbleached Basket Coffee Filters.

Use a Strainer

Brewing your tea using a strainer is another viable method. You’ll brew the tea in a small vessel and then pour it over a strainer into your cup. This method ensures none of the tea particles end up in your cup.

We recommend Homestia Mesh Sieve Strainer.

Are Tea Bags Edible?

While tea bags are designed to be food-grade, they are not generally edible. The composition of a tea bag can range from paper to food-grade nylon, which, although considered safe for brewing tea, is a form of plastic and not meant for direct consumption.

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