Master Zhang Traditional Tie Guan Yuan Oolong Tea Review

Today I am reviewing a traditional Tie Guan Yin tea from Master Zhang and sold through Verdant Tea.

I received this tea as a free sample.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Verdant Tea / Master Zhang
Tea: Traditional Tie Guan Yin
Tea Varietal: Tie Guan Yin
Vintage: August, 2020
Elevation: 1,000 Meters
Origin: Daping Village, Anxi, Fujian, China

Traditional Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea from Master Zhang
Traditional Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea from Master Zhang


Amount of Tea: 5 Grams
Brewing Vessel: Small Glass Pitcher
Type of Water: Bottled Water (Reverse Osmosis)
Rinse Time: N/A
Steep Time: 30 Seconds – 45 Seconds – 60 Seconds

A swirl of creamy vegetation, with hints of nut, baked bread, spices, and minerals.

The green vegetation notes is definitely upfront, but it seems pretty well-balanced.

Creamier then I thought it would be.

Decent, but not top-tier.

Flavor notes: Vegetation, hazelnut, baked bread, cream, cinnamon, and minerals.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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