List of the Best Tea Scented Perfumes

Although tea is best known as an exotic herbal beverage, it is also quite popular in niche circles as a perfume.

Today we are going to discuss some of the best tea-scented perfumes currently available on the open market.

Assam of India by Berdoues

Assam of India is a relatively new invention by Berdoues, as it’s only been produced since 2015.

The fragrance profile of Assam of India is upfront on citrus, fresh greenery, and foreshadowed by aromatic Assam tea, creating a rich multi-faceted experience.

This is definitely a fragrance we would recommend.

Chá by Nishane Wūlóng

Chá by Nishane Wūlóng is one of the more potent “fresh” scents available on the open market.

The aroma has a tantalizing nature, with a bright summer vibe to it.

The fragrance profile consists of bergamot, orange, Mediterranean fig, musk, and oolong tea.

Fig-Tea by Nicolai

This classic tea-scented perfume also appears on many other lists online, and for good reason. The aroma profile is upfront on fruit and jasmine tea notes, surrounding you with an enticing atmosphere of fragrance which sits between traditional and contemporary.

This fragrance was released in 2007.

The fragrance profile consists of bergamot, orange, Mediterranean fig, musk, and oolong tea.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

An energizing green tea fragrance from none other than Elizabeth Arden.

This particular fragrance was created by Francis Kurkdjian in 1999, so it has been around for a while and has proven to be quite popular. It’s formulated specifically for daytime wear, so most people probably won’t find it to be overpowering. A relaxing scent which can give the wearer confidence throughout the day.

It is another “fresh” tea aroma and often comes highly recommended by industry professionals.

The fragrance profile consists of green tea, caraway, celery, jasmine, musk, carnation, amber, fennel, rhubarb, mint, and orange peel.

Oud Stars Ceylon by Xerjoff

While most of the tea-scented perfumes on this list are of a bright, fresh nature, this fragrance takes a different turn and provides a darker, more mysterious aroma.

This perfume was released in 2017.

The fragrance profile consists of agarwood, black tea, sandalwood, honey, jasmine, bergamot, musk, and vanilla.

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Most tea-based perfumes are targeted towards women, but Silver Mountain Water by Creed aims to break that barrier, providing a unique unisex tea perfume

Creed can be quite pricey, but most people find their perfume to be fairly consistent in quality and they often come highly recommended despite the cost.

The fragrance profile consists of green tea, black current, musk, petitgrain, sandalwood, and galbanum.

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Although we also placed the green tea version of this fragrance on the list, we felt it only right to add the white tea version as well. While this version isn’t quite as “fresh” smelling as the green tea version, it is crisper and more neutral scented, which appeals to a different group of people.

The fragrance profile consists of white tea, white iris, madras wood, tonka bean, and three different varieties of musk.

The featured image at the beginning of this post is by Christine Sponchia from PixaBay.

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