He Family 2020 Spring Laoshan Green Tea Review

I received this tea as in a 5 gram sample packet from Verdant Tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Verdant Tea / He Family
Tea: Laoshan Green Tea
Tea Varietal: Longjing Qunti
Vintage: Spring, 2020
Elevation: Sea Level
Origin: Laoshan, China


Amount of Tea: 5 Grams
Brewing Vessel: Small Glass Pitcher
Type of Water: Distilled Water
Rinse Time: 10 Seconds
Steep Time: 30 Seconds – 40 Seconds – 50 Seconds

It’s tastes sweet, and you can almost tell it’s of the longjing cultivar, but honestly, it’s a a bit tart, bitter, and astringent.

It’s to bitter for my preferences.

Flavor notes: Grass, bitter, green bean, cucumber, vanilla, and pine.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson is the founder and chief editor of the Professional Tea Taster.

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  1. First off, I steeped the tea for aproximately 10 seconds. It was delicious and sweet with a touch of the savory, just right. Also a touch of pungency. Second steep was about 14 seconds. It was not quite as sweet, which is to be expected, but still somewhat sweet, with the slight bit of savory and pungency a little bit more. the third steep was around 16-20 seconds, not quite as powerful, but still tasty and just a very slight bit of astringency. My verdict is that this is an excellent tea. I can’t compare it with any other, however. But I think you steeped it way too long. Of course, I do not like bitter or astringent tea and also these things are a matter of taste. But I give it a good grade, maybe A-, at worst B+.

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