Famous Tea Regions of India

India is a country of diverse landscapes, cultures, and traditions. That same diversity is reflected in its tea gardens, which are spread throughout the country. From the rolling hills of Darjeeling to the lush gardens of Assam, the tea grown in each region has its own history and distinct flavor profile.

In this article, we will take a tour of the different tea regions of India and learn about the teas they produce.

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Darjeeling, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is known for producing some of the finest teas in the world.

The region’s ideal weather conditions and soil quality result in teas with a distinct musky and fruity flavor.

The tea bushes in Darjeeling are grown at high altitudes, which contributes to the tea’s distinctive taste and aroma.

Darjeeling teas are generally classified into three categories – the first flush, the second flush, and the third flush – which are based upon the time they are harvested. The first flush, which is harvested in spring, has a lighter and more delicate flavor, while the second flush, which is harvested in summer, has a stronger, more full-bodied flavor.


Assam, located in northeastern India, is known for its robust and malty teas.

The region is known for its black tea, which is made from the large-leaved Assam tea plant.

The teas produced in Assam are known for their strong, full-bodied flavor and rich, amber-colored liquor.

The region’s hot and humid climate, along with its fertile soil, makes it ideal for tea cultivation.

Assam teas are often used as a base for masala chai and other spiced tea blends.


Nilgiri, located in southern India, is known for its fragrant and flavorful teas.

The region’s cool and misty climate, combined with its rich soil, makes it ideal for producing high-quality teas.

Nilgiri teas are known for their bright and refreshing flavor, with notes of fruit and flowers.

The teas produced in Nilgiri are mainly processed into black teas, but the region is also known for its green and oolong teas.


Kangra, located in the northwestern state of Himachal Pradesh, is known for its smooth and delicate teas.

The region’s hilly terrain and cool climate make it ideal for tea cultivation.

Kangra teas are known for their light, floral flavor and bright, golden-yellow liquor.

The region produces mainly green and black teas, although they also produce a small amount of oolong tea.

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