Discovering Mecha Green Tea

What is Mecha Green Tea?

Mecha is a Japanese green tea made from the buds of gyokuro or shaded sencha plants.

Even though it is made from such popular plants, at the moment, it is much less popular.

It is most often grown in the Uji, Yame, and Shizuoka regions of Japan.

The main difference of mecha tea is found in it’s shape.

Mecha green tea is rolled into a bead shape, while most other green teas are rolled into a needle shape.

How to Brew Mecha Green Tea

Since mecha green tea is made from the buds of the plant, it can be a little stronger then gyokuro or sencha

So, it’s important to keep the brewing time low to prevent it from becoming to bitter or astringent.

It is often recommended to use 3 grams of mecha per person and add it to the kyusu teapot.

You can then pour the water in, which should be about 80° celsius (176° fahrenheit) and allow it to steep for 40 seconds.

When serving tea from the kyusu teapot, make sure to alternate from cup to cup while pouring the tea in order to make sure each cup has a similar flavor.

Main photo is by FCartegnie and was uploaded to Wikimedia.

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