Best YouTube Tea Channels for Tea Enthusiasts!

Here are our picks for the best tea channels on YouTube.

Tea House Ghost

Tea House Ghost is one of the more popular Chinese tea YouTube channels.

There is a lot of valuable content on his channel.

YouTube Channel:

Mei Leaf

Mei Leaf was founded in London in 2006.

The owner, Don Mei, has a very charming personality and posts a lot of information content on his YouTube channel. While Don Mei and his marketing tactics are sometimes regarded as ‘gimmicky’, his content is very well-made and certainly entertaining.

It’s worth noting that there has been some concern and controversy over their labeling of puer tea in regards to the tree age, but I am not going to take sides on that matter.

YouTube Channel:


Farmerleaf often shares his insight into the Chinese tea business on his YouTube channel.

The owner occasionally goes off on philosophical rants while processing tea, and I enjoy those very much.

YouTube Channel:


TeaDB is a website and YouTube channel ran by James Schergen and Denny Chapin.

They review a lot of different teas on their YouTube channel, while you can find more advanced tea information on their website.

YouTube Channel:

Crimson Lotus

Crimson Lotus is a puer tea specialist who has an awesome YouTube channel where he hosts guests from the online tea community and discusses various tea-related topics.

YouTube Channel:

Tea For Me Please

The owner of the popular tea blog, Tea For Me Please, also has her own YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel:

Yunnan Sourcing

Yunnan Sourcing is a very popular Western-facing tea vendor.

The owner Scott has a popular YouTube channel, but for the most part, his videos are about the teas he sells. It would be nice if he spent more time simply talking about tea on his YouTube channel, as it’s perhaps a bit promotional.

YouTube Channel:

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