Apiterra Raw Honey + Turmeric & Ginger Review

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Today I am reviewing Apiterra Raw Honey + Turmeric & Ginger.

I thought this looked like an interesting product.

Ingredient list: Raw honey, turmeric and ginger.


I am going to divide this review into sections which describe my review on using this honey in different applications.

Apiterra Raw Honey + Turmeric & Ginger Nutrition Facts
Apiterra Raw Honey + Turmeric & Ginger Nutrition Facts


The packaging is beautiful, with a modern design.

Unfortunately, the size of the container is rather small.

Texture of the Honey

This honey has a very strange texture. It almost looks as if it has been ‘whipped’, as it is literally filled with bubbles. I assume this is due to the added turmeric and ginger, but the texture of this honey is unlike any other honey I have ever seen. It’s almost as if the ingredients somewhat separated.

Tasting the Honey on it’s Own

Honey is, of course, the upfront flavor, but the turmeric and ginger does not attempt to hide itself either.

The ginger contributes a very slight burn on the palette.

The turmeric is probably the least dominant flavor, but the flavor is there.

For whatever reason, I can’t help but think that this honey would be pretty good on toast. I’m sure it would be great in tea as well, but after tasting it, perhaps it would be a good honey to add to a spiced like, such as chai.

The flavor of the turmeric and ginger seems to vary depending upon which part of the jar you remove the honey from. It could be mixed better.

Tasting the Honey in Tea

I will add this section of the review as soon as I try this honey in some tea.

Tasting the Honey on Toast

I will add this section of the review as soon as I try this honey on some bread.

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