Jinggu Sun-Dried Silver Needle White Pu-erh Tea Cake Review

Today I am reviewing a Jinggu sun-dried silver needle white pu-uerh tea cake from Yunnan Sourcing.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing
Tea: Silver Needle White Pu-erh Tea Cake
Tea Varietal: Camellia Taliensis
Vintage: Spring, 2020
Origin: Yang Ta Village, Jinggu, China

The cake itself is beautiful and is comprised of large, loosely compressed tea buds. The only detraction from the presentation is that it is in a standard white-paper wrap, without any of the fancy artwork often seen on Yunnan Sourcing tea cakes.

Supposedly, all they did to process these tea buds was sun-dry them, which hopefully means they will age nicely because I have 2 of these cakes and one will probably sit in the aging chamber for a while.

I broke the tea cake apart with a puer pick, but you could definitely break this tea cake apart by hand if necessary.


I used 5 grams of tea in a small glass pitcher strained through a steel mesh strainer.

I soaked the tea for 10 seconds in hot water and discarded the wash.

First Steep

Steeped for 25 seconds.

The brew looks very light in color, which is typical for silver needle white tea.

There are notes of jasmine, vanilla, honey, hay, and citrus peel.

It’s extremely smooth and not in anyway bitter.

Mouthfeel is just slightly thicker then your average white tea.

Second Steep

Steeped for 40 seconds.

Some earthy forest-floor type notes have developed here, but they don’t overpower the original flavor notes.

Coinciding with it’s minimally processed nature, the tea tastes a bit wild.

There is something different about this tea in comparison to many other silver needle teas I have tried.

Third Steep

Steeped for 50 seconds.

In addition to the prior flavors, notes of pumpkin and black pepper have developed.

Apparently it has more caffeine then I expected, as I’m starting to feel it.


Considering the price, I consider this to be not only unique, but a good quality silver needle white tea and a great value.

You can watch Stephen Colbert drink the 2017 version of this in the video below:

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