Fair Cup: Definition and Meaning

The fair cup, also known as a tea pitcher or cha zhong, is an essential part of the Gongfu tea brewing process.

It can be used to hold the brewed tea liquid or to deposit the broken tea leaves, and is often made of porcelain, glass, or clay.

The Function of a Fair Cup

The main function of a tea pitcher is to ensure that all cups of tea are of equal concentration. When brewing tea using the Gongfu method, the concentration of the tea can change quickly. By pouring the brewed tea liquid into the tea pitcher before distributing it to individual cups, the concentration of the tea remains consistent. This helps to avoid cups of tea that are too bitter or too thick.

Other Uses for a Fair Cup

The tea pitcher also has a few other uses. One is to cool down hot tea in the summer. By pouring hot tea into the tea pitcher, the heat is dissipated, making the tea more enjoyable to drink.

Another use for the tea pitcher is to evenly distribute the tea when pouring from the teapot.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

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