Best Tea Biscuits for Tea Time

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Tea biscuits are a quintessential part of British ‘Tea Time’.

Many people won’t drink tea without having a little snack to consume.

This is likely because if you’re not used to drinking tea, then it can be slightly irritating on an empty stomach.

Consuming something ‘light’, such as a few tea biscuits with your tea can often make for a more enjoyable experience.

Here is our list of the best tea biscuits for tea time.

Kadem Tea Biscuits

When discussing tea biscuits, it’s hard not to mention Kadem Tea Biscuits, the brand which many people, including the brand themselves, consider to be the original tea biscuit.

They are rather dense ‘biscuits’, although nowadays some people might consider them to be cookies.

The texture is very different than a cookie, but nonetheless, Kadem Tea Biscuits are extremely popular.

Mcvities Rich Tea Biscuits

Mcvities Rich Tea Biscuits are another brand who make what most people would consider to be a traditional tea biscuit.

Ulker Tea Biscuits

Ulker Tea Biscuits are a very popular tea biscuit brand who seems to sell most of their tea biscuits in large packs.

These aren’t to sweet, so if you’re somebody who likes a not-so-sweet tea biscuit, then perhaps you should give this one a try.

Nabisco Social Tea Biscuits

If you’re looking for a decent tea biscuit while you’re at the grocery store then you will likely have limited options.

Nabisco Social Tea Biscuits are delicious and available at many supermarkets.

Walkers Shortbread Highlanders Cookies

Some people aren’t into traditional tea biscuits, and that’s okay.

Shortbread is a very popular product to consume along with tea, and Walkers Shortbread Highlanders Cookies are a great option.

These are dense shortbread cookies, not the soft kind.

La Trinitaine Butter Cookies

If you’re more of a butter cookie person, then check out La Trinitaine Butter Cookies.

These are delicious, thin and crispy.

Biscolata Starz Tea Biscuit Cookies with Mocha Chocolate

If you’re looking for something new and unusual, check out Biscolata Starz Tea Biscuit Cookies with Mocha Chocolate. With a fun star shape and dense texture combined a mocha filling, this cookie is sure to delight the senses. However, I am sure many people would not consider this a traditional tea biscuit.

Travis Joynson

Travis Joynson

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