2014 Hai Lang Hao “Glorious Years” Bu Lang Raw Puerh Tea Cake Review

Today I am reviewing Hai Lang Hao Glorious Years Bu Lang raw puer tea.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Hai Lang Hao / Liquid Proust
Tea: “Glorious Years” Bu Lang Raw Puerh Tea Cake
Vintage: Spring, 2013 and 2014
Origin: Bu Lang Mountain, China

Although this tea was made by Hai Lang Hao, I received this tea from Andrew Richardson of Liquid Proust Teas.

Supposedly this is a plantation tea.

I’ve seen this tea for sale on other popular websites such as Yunnan Sourcing.

I only have about a half ounce of this tea, as it was received through what Andrew calls the ‘LP Hookup’ package.

I also have no idea how this tea was stored.


I used 5 grams of tea and spring water in a small glass pitcher strained through a steel mesh strainer.

I soaked the tea for 30 seconds in hot water and discarded the wash.

First Steep

Brewed for 25 seconds.

The leaves haven’t unfurled much, but there is a certain smokiness to the taste.

Flavor notes of earth, flowers, honey, potato and a slight astringency, with minimal bitterness.

This steep is surprisingly smooth and that almost caught me off-guard, but it does have a slight fish note.

Looking at the leaves in the pitcher, nearly all of the material is at least partially broken up and there aren’t very many whole leaves.

Second Steep

Brewed for 30 seconds.

While the flavor notes are largely the same, a moderate bitterness has developed, but it’s still quite smooth for a Bu Lang puer. Seems pretty potent too, particularly for a plantation tea, as I had to take a break between the second and third steep. It’s got a vibe to it.

Third Steep

Steeped for 35 seconds.

This is a bit more bitter, but still pretty smooth.

The tea feels very thick in the mouth and feels soothing.

I’m sure this tea would steep quite a few times more, but sadly, I’ve had enough tea for today, as this tea is very caffeinated. Perhaps I will update this review at a later date when I drink the rest it.


A pretty decent plantation Bu Lang tea.

It’s not a very expensive tea, so when taking that into account, I bet a lot of people would enjoy it.

That being said, I could see it’s flavor being a bit polarizing due to the smoky earthiness.

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