2005 Changtai “Nannuo Mountain” Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake Review

Today I am reviewing a 2005 Changtai “Nannuo Mountain” raw pu-erh tea cake.

Tea Specifications

Brand: Changtai
Vintage: 2005
Origin: Nannuo Mountain, China


I brewed this tea in a small Yixing teapot using standard bottled water.

I gave the tea two rinses, each for approximately 10 seconds.

First Steep

Steeped for 15 seconds.

Not much flavor yet, so let’s go onto the next steep.

Second Steep

Steeped for 20 seconds.

I’m sure some people like this sort of tea, but it does not fit my palette.

I’m not exactly a fan of Guangdong stored puer teas in the first place, but the flavor of this tea reminds me of over-ripe fruit, herbal medicine, and that wet-storage note that is common in these kinds of teas.

Flavor notes: Herbal medicine, over-ripe fruit, damp basement, wood, and flowers.

Third Steep

Steeped for 25 seconds.

Much of the same. Not exactly my favorite tea.

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